We create sensory experiences that encourage a connection with inner greatness. We believe that each moment of Helix Experience should flow seamlessly into the next and carry our attendees through an unforgettable synergy with culture, nature, luxury, music and art. Not only a music festival and travel opportunity but an invitation to be thoroughly fulfilled.

Line Up

themed events

Sun Queen Presented By Helix

Bring all your boldness to Helix Festival’s most sexy event of the weekend. Designed to celebrate the powerful prowess of the Sun Queen, this event highlights female performers and visual artists while encouraging an authentic expression of the female body. So let your hair free, express your inner Nefertitti or Cleopatra and let the warm Jamaican air caress your bronze skin.

Sun King Presented By Helix

Sun King brings us together in an explosive day time festival atmosphere designed to energize and inspire the greatness of the Sun King. With multicolor parasol and pillow sac VIP seating inspired by ancient Balinese designs. We showcase culture through cutting edge stage design and art installations, the feel of the culture through our themed events and the sound of the culture by our world renowned superstar performers. Celebrate your Helix as the energy of the sun carries you away. We suggest bold beach wear bursting with color and richness.


Immerse yourself in the exotic while enjoying the captivating sounds of the most tantalizing artists and Dj’s from around the world. Our Transcendence event creates the ultimate unifying experience as we celebrate the boldness of music it’s many faucets. Fire dancer rings and tribal body paint attire create a tribal like atmosphere.


Anything is possible in this moment. Like Diamonds in the sky! We show case the most inspiring DJ sets and celebrity artists in this night time festival experience featuring a crystal lighting patina and sparkling inflections throughout the festival grounds. Wish upon and a star and see what magic appears right before your eyes. Our explosive floating art finale will engage your soul as the gods make an appearance across the star studded sky in our light show finale featuring Chad Knight. We suggest that you adorn your body in your favorite diamond swimsuit or glow in the dark beach attire.


Water Activity

Adventurous excursions can be enjoyed anytime during Helix Festival dates.


Catamaran Seating

Our fully stocked catamarans are docked around the stage allowing you and your friends to enjoy an unparalleled festival viewing experience. Take a dip in the sea or stay on board but never miss a beat!


Ocean Stage

Our Ocean stage sits just off the coast line and is visible from your private private catamaran, private VIP beach front Cabana, the terrace of select premium suites or while lounging in the white sands on your on blanket or lounge chair. Imagine sitting beach front, sipping your favorite top shelf liquor, snacking on gourmet selections while enjoying captivating performances from some of the most energizing Urban and Afro beat artists from around the world!


Fire Dancers

The Helix Fire dancers commit to an array of fire works throughout the festival grounds.


Hologram Light Show

Nike creative director Chad Knight presents a hologram light and sound experience showcasing his breathtaking graphic designs. Knight’s surreal projection of larger than life God and Goddess avatars over the Caribbean Sea transforms our beach festival grounds into a celebration of power.


VIP Cabanas

Custom spa experiences can be enjoyed anytime during Helix Festival.