Venue & Hours

Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Resort, St Ann – Jamaica

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Check-in: Thursday, October 1, at 3:00pm

Check-out: Sunday, October 4, at 11:00am

Lux ticket holders will check-in at the Lux Lobby and Grand ticket holders will check-in at the Grand Lobby

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Although October is AFTER Jamaica’s hurricane season it is typical for tropical locations to experience scattered showers. Jamaica’s rain is often warm and welcome. We will keep the party going through these showers should they occur.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and possession. Police officers will be working inside and outside of the event, and all narcotics laws will be strictly enforced. Be responsible, and make smart choices.


By purchasing a reservation, you agree to be subject to search. Weapons and narcotics distribution is prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

ages & ID

You must be 21+ to attend Helix Festival. Photo ID is required.

Acceptable forms of ID:

  • Any government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth.
  • A government-issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth
  • Temporary DMV documents proving you are currently renewing a license—ONLY if accompanied by passport or expired license.

Unacceptable forms of ID:

  • NO School ID
  • NO Consular ID
  • NO Birth certificate
  • NO Expired ID of any kind
  • NO Photocopy of any ID
  • NO Temporary DMV license without passport or expired license

festival policies

You will receive two types of wristbands upon entry:
  • A Resort Wristband which will allow for unrestricted access to the resort including bars and buffets.
  • A Helix Festival Grand Wristband or Helix Festival Lux Wristband depending on what you purchase at checkout. The Helix Festival Wristbands will determine areas you’re allowed to access based on the kind of ticket and upgrades you purchase.

food & Beverages

There are 2 buffets, 7 restaurants and 10 bars located throughout the resort. Although all Helix Festival reservations include unlimited tropical cocktails and in-restaurant dining, top shelf liquor and snacks are only offered through our upgrade options. We will not offer snacks or top shelf liquor on the festival grounds. Our upgrades ensure that you have snacks and the liquor of your choice how and where you want it.  Purchase your desired Liquor or Snack Box with your ticket and we will have it waiting for you at your private check in.

general shop

There are 3 general shops stocked with small items you may have forgotten. If you’re missing sunblock or forgot to bring a phone charger, stop by the general shop to prepare yourself for an eventful weekend.


Two ATMs will be located at Helix Festival. Locations will be marked on the festival map.

info booths

There are two lobbies on the resort. Helix Festival representatives will be available in the grand lobby to help you with anything you may need. Check your festival map for specific locations.


We will be launching merchandise at a later date. We will have a variety of T-shirts, jackets, tank tops, sweaters, water bottles, accessories, and more. Don’t forget to check back to shop before leaving for Helix Festival.

safety & medical

To ensure Helix Festival is safe for everyone, security and medical staff will be present throughout the entire event. If you need any assistance, please go to the nearest medical or information booth, or seek out an event staff member. Learn more about staying healthy and safe at Helix Festival.


October offers some of Jamaica’s best weather of the year. Jamaica is known for heat and humidity. Besides being ready for our themed events, we suggest you bring lots of swim wear. Beach shoes are recommended. Expect lots of walking throughout the resort.


Whether you’re a nonstop dancing machine or you like to stroll through the festival and take in all the visuals and experiences, hydration is essential to keeping you going all weekend long. That’s why water is available at bars and restaurants. Also, all rooms have complimentary water bottles provided in the mini bar.


There is a triage center located on the resort where you’ll find friendly medical practitioners ready to care for your every need—free of charge. If you’re feeling lightheaded or have sore ankles from dancing the night away, please visit the Helix Festival triage center.

be safe, be smart

Helix Festival has so much to explore and you can enjoy the show without alcohol or illegal narcotics. Be smart about how much you consume. More booze does not equal more fun, and alcohol is not a beverage to cool off or rehydrate with. It’s important to remember that your body weight and height will factor into how much alcohol is safe to consume.

Helix Festival enforces a zero-tolerance drug policy at all of its events—period. Don’t be the person that ends up getting escorted out of the venue! Keep the festival going great for you and your friends.